Interactive proptype
meets actionable insights

Used by designers at the world’s best companies


Import prototype
and create tests

Build tests from all your favorite prototyping tools. How it works in three easy steps:


Import your prototype. Just copy and paste the URL


Create a task and set the expected path to success


Start getting valuable insights


Invite relevant users
or recruit them

It’s easy to connect with the people you’re designing for. Just bring your own users through our SDK or hire them from our community of 50,000+ testers.


Get automated UX reports
for easier collaboration

Convert your user feedback data into actionable insights so that everyone on your team can learn, weigh in and make the next prototype better than ever.

What can you do with Zypsy?

From your first design mockup to your launched product, and everything in between, Zypsy has your user testing needs covered.

Build a new product

Don't spend time building out the wrong idea. Get the right insights ahead of time.

Usability testing

Find out exactly what your users are seeing, thinking, saying and clicking on.

A/B Test multiple designs

Optimize your app experience through visual experimentation to find the best fit.

Compare copy performance

Test and experiment with your copy early on to find the right words for every screen.

Build new features

Validate your ideas before developing features no one will use.

Validation of micro-interactions

Enhance your user's experience every step of the way. We help you fine-tune every detail.

Don’t have testers?
We’ve got you covered.

Tap into our community of 50,000+ testers. (Starting at $2.5/session.) And you can always bring your own participants.

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